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Food Agent Australia will come and do a full health audit of the premises. These audits are really a life saver, as council only comes to do an inspection after the business had been bought or the lease has been signed, and the Food Business License has been submitted. Food Agent Australia come before any of that happens! We will come and conduct a full inspection, so you know what you're in for before anything is set in stone, as well as get you ready for your council inspection to improve your star rating, ensure you stay compliant and avoid fines and/or closure. 

Food Agent Australia complete your whole application and approval for your food business license, which also includes and inspection from council.
We handle all applications including new food business licenses or transferal  of an existing food business license.

Our design team works in 2 stages! Firstly, the base design, this is the design that meets all regulations and standard within the building and health guidelines.  The second stage is the design that gives you all the bells and whistles that makes your business your own. Food Agent Australia also handle all hydraulic and engineering, including structural engineering, when needed, And can also retrieve any original building documents that you may not have. 

Food Agent Australia complete your whole application for your building approval for either: Taking over an existing business with or without building changes/Starting a new business and are leasing or buying property, involving a fit out/Starting a home-based business involving none or minor building changes. 

Certain food businesses are required to have a Food Safety Program (FSP). All food businesses have the opportunity apply to have a FSP accredited. 

When lodging a Food Licence Application it is mandatory to nominate a business Food Safety Supervisor. 

We can assist you with the decision of buying an existing food business or acquiring a space to build a food business.

FAA helps food service business’ stay compliant and avoid excessive fines and imprisonment through identifying and assisting toward improvements in food safety.

Featured in Gourmet Traveller Magazine and many other publications our chefs can assist in the design of your next menu. 

We can provide you with valuable advice and assistance in relation to any matter regarding your business, we also  have a huge range of contacts to help you get your business up and running (QBCC licensed shopfitters, builders and tradesmen, etc)

Contains documentation for food businesses to ensure they reach and maintain compliance.


Our team can work with you and source any equipment, stainless steel and furniture/procurement for your business

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Work with us and expect fast licence turnaround, smooth and stress-free settlements, fixed prices and most of all a great amount of support and assistance from our team. Whether you are applying for a new licence, transfer of business, footpath dining permit or food safety programs, with our in-depth knowledge and solid reputation, Food Agent Australia is here to help you every step of the way!

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With Food Agent Australia being the first Food Licensing Agency in Australia and also being featured on Gourmet Traveler, Australia's leading food, wine, and travel magazine, we have built a massive reputation for our fast and reliable service and of course with our ongoing strong relationships with the local councils throughout the years that have also helped numerous amount of business brokers and immigration lawyer to entrust us with their respective businesses.

Our Clients

Since 2014, Food Agent Australia have worked along side a variety of people including, but not limited to, new business owners, broker agencies and council. Our goal is to not only help our clients start their own food business, but for our clients to succeed, and keep succeeding in the future. 

...and what our clients have to say about us...

" ABS business sales has been using  Food Agent Australia for years. In this time they have provided countless support and fast licence turn around for our clients. They make the settlement period smooth and reduce the stress for our clients. We will continue to use their services for years to come."

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