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When lodging a Food Licence Application it is mandatory to nominate a business Food Safety Supervisor. The food safety supervisor is in charge of maintaining all requirement in food safety.

The Food Safety Supervisor must be contactable by council at all times and must either be on site or be able to be onsite.

Anyone can become the Food Safety Supervisor but they must undertake a Food Safety Supervisors course. This course may be done in person with a Registered Training Organisation or online. If undertaking online the trainee must be deemed competent by a current holder of a food safety certificate.

We can observe and ensure the trainee has learnt the content of the course and notify the training organisation of their success.

A food license can not be lodged without a food safety supervisor. FAA can provide a Food Safety Supervisor for application purposes and assist in the transfer of supervisor upon course completion.

Food Safety Supervisors Courses

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