Building Approvals


Food Agent Australia nationwide invites you to take on our experienced team when developing concept and design for your next hospitality venue. Our team designs using Specific and Revit architecture. With Revit architecture we can show you your concept in realistic 3D modelling.

Out team of designers have more than 20 years experience in hospitality including executive chef positions. With qualifications in hospitality management, commercial cookery and building design our team have expert insights in how to design and create a profitable business.

Australian Food Standards and Codes can be complex. Food Agent Australia can design the space you require whilst ensuring it will pass all relevant approvals.

When creating a fully functioning space we take into account your needs including store concept, menu and selection of equipment that meets your specification and budget.

Workflow is paramount in the design phase, it can reduce food contamination and massively reduce wage costs.

Start Build

When approvals have been received the client can begin the works