First Party Food Safety Audits

Food Agent Australia can handle all your licensing concerns so that you can tend to more important issues within your business. We offer a wide variety of food licensing services

What is this?

Food Agent Australia  helps food service business’ stay compliant and avoid excessive fines and imprisonment through identifying and assisting toward improvements in food safety.

First party food audit programs are objective, impartial and independent. Audits are endorsed and conducted at the business’ request with all findings and documentation remaining strictly confidential. We will not disclose the conclusions of the addressed audit criteria to anyone unrelated to the contract.

The process is both systematic and documented and is used purely to assist with compliance levels and to offer methods to improve. This is a stepping-stone to avoiding prosecution and made be helpful may the need arise to defend any possible legal case against the business. Our experts can evaluate the level of compliance of your food business in accordance with the Food Act 2006 and Food Standards 3.2.2 national and international standards using auditing criteria based on Queensland Government Environmental Health regulations.

Our auditors are qualified in leading food safety management systems, including the following national and international competencies;

•      Management systems auditing

•      Leading management systems audit teams

•      Food safety management systems

•      Assess compliance with food safety programs

•      Communicate food safety audits

•      Conduct food safety audits

•      Identify evaluate and control food safety hazards

•      Training and assessment

•      Commercial Cookery

•      Hospitality


These competencies are also in compliance with ASQA and internationally recognized Exemplar Global certifications.

FAA audits all in house procedures to ensure food safety standards are met (including desktop audits of all current and past record keeping and maintenance) and are able to identify any minor, major or critical non compliance with the Food Act 2006; Food Safety Standards 3.2.2-3.2.3.

We can identify risks within your business and assist you to rectify any breaches. All auditing is completed without obligation to report non-compliance to any governing bodies. This assures that any breaches remain strictly confidential and aligned with FAA's non-disclosure policies and further allows FAA to encourage your business to adhere to legal compliance.

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We are composed of a team of industry experts in all Food Licensing, the Food Act 2006 and all design and fit out regulations. Our team act as consultants on your behalf to ensure that all your licensing requirements are met, evidence gathered and applications are submitted in entirety

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