What is it?

Local council requires all kitchens to maintain a strict level of food safety. Part of this food safety is maintaining current and up to date records of how food safety is monitored in the workplace.

Chef Track is an interactive online system,monitored and updated by Food Agent Australia in line with legislation. It assists staff to track the food safety daily. Taking the worry off business owners.

It is the first paper-less record keeping system that is consistently monitored by a team of food safety professionals.

Chef Track is an application used on all apple and android systems. It contains checklists for staff to complete daily for compliance. maintenance, calibration, temperature recording, disposal, incoming goods and approved suppliers. It creates a record keeping workflow from the time food is delivered until it is served, to ensure your business can prove its level of food safety.

It is a one stop system that can be used in any size kitchen anywhere in Australia.

Yourfood safety is monitored by us to ensure you are safe. We send owners/managers reports on the performance of the teams food safety and any areas need to be worked on.

FAA keeps copies of all of your food safety recording to ensure you have assistance in the future with any council 


Members receive a new monthly Internal Audit Check for business owners to ensure their kitchen teams are maintaining a high level of food safety. Ratings based on these Internal Audits can be set for kitchen and chef KPIs.

Members also get updates to any illness outbreaks and changes to government requirements to ensure they are protected. Members receive a Food Agent Australia “Food Safe” members window sticker to demonstrate to customers and local council they actively participate in food safety management.

Member have access to expert advice on all food safety and licensing issues.

> Let us manage your food safety

> Know what your kitchen team should be doing

> Monitor your kitchen team

> Avoid hefty fines and close of business

> Take control of your business

> Protect your assets

> Regular reminders and checklist

> Set KPIs for your kitchen team

> Less council inspections