• Paul Perrior

Walk through your own cafe before you sign off!

How often have you struggled trying to imagine how those squiggly lines on that 2D set of plans in front of you will actually come to life? Our new Design walk-throughs show you just how your new food premises will look with all your finishes, spaces, lighting...allowing you to save time & money with adjustments now, rather than during your build...time to get excited now! Talk to the Food Agent Team about your new shop or food premises https://www.foodagent.com.au/design-drafting

About us

We are composed of a team of industry experts in all Food Licensing, the Food Act 2006 and all design and fit out regulations. Our team act as consultants on your behalf to ensure that all your licensing requirements are met, evidence gathered and applications are submitted in entirety

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Contact: Paul Perrior

Mobile; 0400 901 920

Brisbane Address: 5 Angel Court , Eatons Hill, Qld, 4037

Gold Coast Address: Unit 1/11 Owens Lane, Southport, QLD, 4215


Available Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 5:30pm



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